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The author     : Father Zakaria Boutros

The publisher: www.fatherzakaria.com

We have published before several books in this series, of them; God is one in holy trinity, the incarnation of Al-mighty God in the immaculate body of the Christ, the issue of crucifixion of the Christ, the issue of the veracity of the holy bible and its non falsification, in this book we will discuss with the grace of God the issue of: Is Barnabas’ Bible the true bible?  

Actually some Muslims are sticking to a book named Barnabas’ Bible, and saying that it is the true bible that was not forged, claiming that the holy bible, we the Christians are using now is a forged bible

This book in your hand we had published to rebut such accusations, strengthened by the definite proofs for its nullification

Asking God to use it for the benefit of many and to enlighten the mind of those who are reading it, Amen

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